She likens marriage to slavery.───她把婚姻比作奴役。
It has been called modern-day slavery.───人们称之为现代版的奴隶制度。
They thought slavery was morally wrong.───他们当时认为奴隶制是不道义的。
In his inaugural speech, the new president denounced the long dispute over slavery. He said he hoped it would end soon.───在他的就职演说中,他公开指责美国国内长期存在的有关奴隶制的争论,他说,他希望尽快结束这种争论。
Partial freedom seems to me a most invidious mode of slavery.───部分的自由对我来说就是最令人憎恶的奴役方式。
At a time when western countries (mainly referring to here is the European countries) was just a state of slavery in the city state.───而此时的西方各国(这里主要指的是欧洲各国)还仅仅是奴隶制的邦城国家。
He said they were interfering with a southern institution and were forcing slavery into politics.───他说,这些废奴主义者防碍了南方的社会制度,并强行将奴隶制带进了政治领域。
As I've said elsewhere, the members of the Court in Plessy remembered the day when human slavery was the law in much of the land.───我在别处就已经说过,普莱西案的法庭人员一定对奴隶制还是这块土地上许多地方法律的时代记忆犹新。
Buchanan said the South had good reason to leave the Union if abolitionists continued their attacks against slavery.───布肯南说,如果废奴主义者继续对奴隶制进行攻击的话,那么南方要脱离联邦就有很好的理由。
                                            Slavery is the antithesis of freedom.
Its people were thus reduced to slavery.
The slaves got freedom after the abolition of slavery.
They were living in slavery and poverty.
The Americans abolished slavery in 1863.
The history of tobacco growing is intimately associated with colonialism and slavery.
The institution of slavery was once widespread.
Their stated aim was to free women from domestic slavery.
They condemned slavery as evil.